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SWAT Workout

SWAT WorkoutSWAT Workout
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The G20 Summit in South Korea gets underway next week. With that, so too have protests, some of which promise to be less-than-peaceable as citizens rally against the goals and agendas set forth by the summit. Naturally, our thoughts turned to security, and then more specifically to SWAT teams. From there we wondered how these men prepare physically and mentally for the call of duty. Then we turned to Eric Fleishman, celebrity trainer and instructor to, among numerous other law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams.

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BOPE – Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais

Portuguese for Special Police Operations Battalion) is the elite special forces unit in the Military Police of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Due to the nature of crime in favelas, BOPE units have extensive experience in urban warfare as well as progression in confined and restricted environments. It also utilizes equipment deemed more powerful than traditional civilian law enforcement. Currently serving with 400 soldiers, BOPE is believed to be one of the most violent military forces in Latin America before PMESP


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